Animal pens

Covered pens for animals are an excellent choice for animal husbandry. They are available for sale in Poland, Great Britain, Europe and Scandinavian countries. Animal shelters are top-quality paddocks, designed for breeding cattle, horses, goats, pigs and other livestock. Our products give excellent protection against heat, wind, storm, rain and snow.
Shelters for animals are large and can also be used to store feed and other articles necessary for breeding. The frame of the canopy is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes with a double truss that withstand extreme weather conditions, and the fabric is made of high-quality PVC with a weight of 650g. Animal canopies come in a variety of construction ranges, fabrics, shapes and sizes.
The simple design designed for self-assembly is an additional advantage of our product. All our products can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled thanks to screw-twisted connections.
Covered animal pens do not have internal poles in their design, thanks to which they use the available internal space in 100%.

We invite you to watch a demonstration video

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