C2020H 6×6 m

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inamiot.pl container canopies are affordable, durable and versatile storage units that are designed to maximize space and protect goods, vehicles and machinery during inclement weather. The range of inamiot.pl container sheds has a solid, hot-dip galvanized steel frame made of Q215 steel pipes and durable PVC fabric.

Container canopies can be mounted by welding mounting bases to a sea container or using screws.

Our roofs can also be spread on Lego concrete blocks, retaining cutters and other durable structures. Concrete walls combined with a roof are a great warehouse for loose materials, sand, aggregates, feed, fertilizers, a place for sorting garbage, a pen for livestock.

Our container canopies can be customized with front and rear panels (walls) and are suitable for year-round use.

The model with the designation H are equipped with rear walls.


  • Industrial and agricultural warehouses
  • Construction warehouses
  • Aviation hangars
  • Carports
  • Temporary shelters
  • office inventory
Description Specification
Width (m)6
Length (m)6
Height (m)2
Arc interval (m)1.50
Arc Φ (mm)40 x 1.50
Purlin Φ (mm)32 x 1.20
Snow load (kPa)2.28
Maximum wind speed (Wind load) (km/h)80
Transport box dimensions0.75 x 1.92 x 0.32

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