Another delivery of animal pens and tent garages to the Czech Republic

Today the shipping company took, 3 different shipments to our customers in the Czech Republic. With this transport, we will deliver a 6×6 livestock field shelters to 68756 Pašovice and a 3.66×6.10m portable garage and a 6x6m animal enclosure to 73947 Kozlovice.

The 6×6 m livestock field shelters are the most commonly sold size of animal pens. Therefore, we have many pieces of this size of covered animal pens in stock.

I look forward to seeing pictures of our products already installed. We will add them to the implementation map.

We deliver our products throughout Europe including Germany, Czech Republic Slovakia, Italy, France, Spain. Lithuania, Latvia. We conduct sales from our main warehouse in Dobrzykowice near Wroclaw.

We invite you to take advantage of our services.

Dostawa do czech zagrod dla zwierzat
delivery to czech animal pens,
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