Another satisfied customer

Such emails build and reassure you that you are selling a good product that hits customer expectations.

Attached I am sending photos of the dome on concrete blocks.
It performed very well in winter conditions.
Greetings Jacek

Mr. Jacek is a manager at the Sanok Municipal Utilities Company. In the fall of 2022, they inquired about the possibility of selling and installing a canopy for a sand and salt storage facility. A container shelter set on concrete blocks is a great solution. The concrete wall is immediately a retaining wall and the loader can work the bucket up to the wall itself. The height of such a warehouse can vary, concrete blocks can be stacked really high.

The canopy from the photos measures 10×12 m and the height of the arch is 3.6 m.

We have installation teams that install throughout Europe.

Installation of such a container canopy is very simple. The product comes in a box with all the components. The pipes are press-fit and secured with 2 screws. The pieces are not large and heavy. A couple of people, even assembling our canopy for the first time, have no problem putting the product together. We are always there to help.

Zadaszenie kontenerowe na blokach betonowych Sanok 10 12m4
Container roofing as storage for sand and salt.
Container roofing as storage for sand and salt.
Container roofing as storage for sand and salt.
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