Balmar Returning Customer – Quality Confirmation in Marine Container Canopies

We are extremely pleased to announce that Balmar (, one of the industry’s leading companies, has decided to return to cooperation with after the successful purchase of C2020 and C2620 shipping container canopies.

Balmar company, specializing in “comprehensive service in the field of design and implementation of winter gardens, orangeries, pergolas and terrace buildings.”, experienced first-hand the high quality of products offered by Inamiot. The first transaction, involving the purchase of a C2020 shipping container canopy, size 6×6 m with a back wall, turned out to be a hit for Balmar. Satisfied with the robustness, durability and functionality of the product, they decided to expand their order, acquiring as many as two C2620 8×6 m shipping container canopies with rear wall.

As a container roofing company, Inamiot always emphasizes quality and innovation. The products offered by our company are carefully designed to meet the highest industry standards. The C2020 and C2620 shipping container canopies are excellent examples of our commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products.

Balmar stressed that one of the main reasons for returning to working with Inamiot was confidence in the quality of the container canopies. Robust construction (hot-dip galvanized frame, durable materials (PVC 750 gsm) and the use of innovative technological solutions have made these canopies an ideal solution. It is worth noting that our canopies are also suitable for different weather conditions, a key feature in the marine environment.

Customers who come back for repeat orders are the greatest appreciation for our company. This confirms that our efforts in quality and innovation are noticed and appreciated by the most demanding customers. is a proud supplier of shipping container canopies to various industries, and Balmar’s decision to continue working with us is motivation for us to continue to improve and develop our products. We are confident that our container canopies will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, providing not only protection, but also functionality and durability.

We would like to thank Balmar for its trust and affirmation of our mission to provide the highest quality products. We are ready to continue our fruitful cooperation and meet customer expectations through innovation, reliability and professionalism.

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