Comprehensive Road Maintenance – sand and salt box

Biedronski, which specializes in comprehensive road maintenance, demonstrates innovation and flexibility by investing in modern solutions. Recently, the company purchased a container canopy from renowned manufacturer Inamiot and erected it independently on concrete blocks. This move allows for a place to store sand and salt, key materials for keeping roads in excellent condition, regardless of weather conditions.

Container canopies from are versatile and durable structures that have been widely used in various industries. With sturdy construction and weather resistance, these canopies are ideal for storing materials in outdoor environments. Companies such as Biedronski use them to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

After purchasing the container canopy from, Biedronski decided to put it on “Lego” concrete blocks, creating a solid base. This is a key step that guarantees the stability and safety of the structure. The installation of the canopy carried out by the company’s team was easy and did not require specialized skills.

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