Container roofing 12×12 m at the Waste Sorting Plant:

Waste sorting plants play a key role in recycling and environmental protection. One of the important elements in such facilities is a container canopy, which not only provides protection from the weather, but also allows the efficient setting up of machinery and provides comfort for employees. In addition, the installation of the container canopy on “Lego” type concrete blocks allows efficient loading, and cleaning of the waste compartment with machines such as “Lego”. chargers.

Container roofing in a waste sorting plant is an investment that significantly affects the efficiency and sustainability of sorting and recycling operations. Its main purpose is to protect machinery, equipment and workers from the weather. During waste sorting and processing operations, workers and machinery are exposed to rain, snow, wind or sun, which can affect efficiency and comfort. The canopy provides an effective barrier, protecting against the impact of these factors.

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