Delivery of a tent hall to Germany

On April 26.We sent another tent hall to Germany. Our client bought the W304030DP model with dimensions of 9.15 x12.2 height of 6 m. It is a storage hall where the structure is a truss frame made of steel pipes fi 40×1.5 mm hot-dip galvanized, with a tarpaulin weight of 750 g/sqm, the height of the side wall is 3.0 m. Our competitors often sell similar-sized halls but with a smaller weight of tarpaulin and the structure is based on a single tube.

We have most of the typical products in stock. Therefore, our client got the warehouse within 24 hours of payment. Today you need additional space under the roof, for example, for storage, workshop, production, cars, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, products, fertilizers, etc. Tomorrow you have, it’s that simple. Send an email to inquire about a quote.

We are waiting for photos of the already assembled tent hall.

Each of our products can be modified individually to meet customer requirements and needs.

You are welcome Team

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