Faire Fish Invests in the Future:

Container Canopy Packaging Warehouse from Inamiot.pl/en

Faire Fish, known for its innovative approaches to the food industry, is again at the forefront of sustainability. This time, they decided to create a packaging warehouse, using three container canopies with magnificent 10x12m sizes from the renowned manufacturer Inamiot. It’s a fascinating combination of creativity and functionality that significantly affects their operations and approach to resource management.

Container canopies from Inamiot feature sturdy construction, weather resistance and easy installation. In the case of Faire Fish, these canopies served as packaging storage. With a sturdy frame and strong materials, these canopies provide the durability and protection needed for storing packages and other food products.

What sets this project apart is the use of container canopies in a configuration with a rear wall and a 4x4m front gate. This combination provides convenient access to the warehouse and facilitates the loading and unloading of products.

We invite you to view the video of the assembly.

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