Farmer assembled his own tent hall for agricultural machinery

A farmer from the province of Lodz decided to invest in a tent hall to serve as a garage for his agricultural machinery. The hall, which he bought from Inamiot, measures 9.76 x 20 meters and is 4.88 meters high. It is an arched hall that has advantages such as large interior space, structural stability and weather resistance.
The farmer assembled the tent hall on his plot by himself. It was not a difficult task, he says, because the hall is made up of ready-made components that just need to be connected together. Only basic tools and a few people to help assemble the hall were needed. The whole process took about three days.
The tent hall meets the expectations of a farmer who wanted a comfortable and safe place to store his agricultural machinery. The hall was able to accommodate all vehicles, including a combine harvester with a heder in front. The hall has a wide entrance with a width of 9.76 meters, which allows easy entry and exit of machinery.
The farmer is satisfied with his investment and recommends the tent hall to other farmers who are looking for a cheap and quick solution for a covered area. This is because a tent hall is much cheaper than a traditional masonry or steel hall. In addition, the tent hall is easy to move and dismantle, giving you the option to relocate or expand the hall in the future.
Tent halls are increasingly popular among farmers, who use them for a variety of purposes, such as storing farm crops, raising animals or garaging farm equipment. Tent halls are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit individual needs and site conditions. Tent halls are also aesthetically pleasing and modern, adding to the charm of the rural landscape.
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