First sale to Hungary

Container canopies C2040 from are a modern and practical solution for those looking for additional space for storage, warehousing or work. These canopies can be easily mounted on shipping containers or on the ground, making them mobile and versatile. The C2040 container canopies are 6 meters wide, 12 meters long and 2 meters high. They are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel and covered with durable 750 gsm or 900 gsm PVC fabric. These canopies are resistant to weather conditions such as snow, wind and UV rays. C2040 container canopies can be customized by choosing the color, type of front and rear walls, entrance gate. is a leader in the production and sale of storage tents, tent halls and container canopies in Poland and Europe. It offers a wide selection of quality products, attractive prices and professional service. has many years of experience in the tent industry and satisfied customers throughout Europe.

One of them is YAASA GmbH of Austria, which has a branch in Hungary. The C2040 container canopy from was delivered to the Hungarian branch in siepril 2023. YAASA manufactures desks, and the C2040 container canopy serves as additional storage space for goods and equipment. YAASA is very satisfied with the quality and functionality of the C2040 container canopy, which meets its expectations and provides optimal storage conditions. The company also appreciates the quick and easy installation of the C2040 container canopy, which required no specialized tools.

Container canopy C2040 from is an ideal solution for anyone who needs a cheap, mobile and versatile space for various purposes. If you are interested in purchasing the C2040 container canopy or any other product from, feel free to contact us at +48 604 108 143 or visit the website for more information on the company’s offer. Don’t delay and order your C2040 container canopy from today!

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