How to check the legality of a company in Poland

If you are planning to start working with a company or just want to check whether a company is legal and operating in Poland, it is useful to know how to do it. In Poland, there are special tools to help you verify company data. Here are some methods on how to check if a company is operating in Poland and is legitimate.

  • Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG)

The Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) is a nationwide register of entrepreneurs maintained by the Ministry of Development. In this database you will find information about every company that does business in Poland, as well as information about individuals doing business.

To check a company in CEIDG, just go to the CEIDG website and enter the company’s name or tax ID number. All information about the company will appear in the database, including the address of the company’s headquarters, the date the company started, the type of business and information about the owners.

  • Check the VAT register

Every company operating in Poland should be registered for value-added tax (VAT). The VAT register contains information about a company’s tax identification number (TIN), which allows verification of the legality of its activities. To check whether a company is registered for VAT, simply enter its VAT number on the Ministry of Finance website.

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