introduces the 6×12 m Container Canopy to the Romanian market:

A New Era of Protection and Storage, known for its innovative solutions in the field of tent structures, is celebrating another milestone in its history – the first sale of a 6x12m container canopy to the Romanian market. This event not only brings new storage solutions, but also opens up new opportunities in the Romanian trade and industry sector.

Container canopies offered by Inamiot have a reputation for being robust, durable and multi-purpose structures. The 6×12 m canopy is one of the company’s smaller solutions, which immediately won recognition in the market. The main features that distinguish the canopy are:

1 Durability and resilience: Made of high-quality materials, the container canopy is weatherproof, which guarantees its longevity.

2 Flexibility of use: The canopy can be used for a variety of purposes, from storing products and machinery to creating additional production or commercial space.

3. easy installation: the installation of the canopy is simple and requires no specialized skills or tools.

First Sale to Romania: New Opportunities and Challenges

The first sale of a 6×12-meter container canopy to Romania opens up new opportunities in the commercial, industrial and service sectors. As a rapidly growing market, Romania needs modern and flexible solutions to help companies adapt to changing market conditions and needs. More than half of our sales come from referral customers.

We are counting on this effect in the Romanian market, too. I am waiting for pictures from the client.

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