Introduces 8x8m Animal Homesteads to Belgium Market.

An Innovative Solution for Growers and Farmers.

Inamiot is known in the European market for providing innovative and durable solutions related to tent structures. Now, it is proud to announce the first sale of an 8x8m animal enclosure in Belgium. It’s a solution that will meet the needs of Belgian breeders, farmers and anyone concerned about the welfare of their animals.

The 8x8m animal pens from Inamiot are a modern approach to providing adequate shelter and protection for livestock. With their sturdy construction and easy assembly, these pens are ideal for Belgian farmers and livestock breeders.

The most important features of these homesteads are:

1 Durability and resilience: the homestead is made of high-quality materials that are weatherproof, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the structure.

2 Suitable conditions for animals: The pens provide adequate space and protection from the weather, which promotes the well-being and health of the animals.

3. quick assembly: the assembly of the homestead is simple and does not require specialized skills or tools, so you can do it yourself.

4 Multifunctional: Animal pens from Inamiot can be used to house livestock, shelter from inclement weather, and as a space for feeding and grooming animals.

Use of Animal Homesteads in Belgium

The 8×8 m animal pens from are widely used in the Belgian livestock and agricultural sector. Growers and farmers in Belgium use these pens for a variety of purposes:

1 Animal husbandry: Homesteads provide excellent shelter for cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock, providing them with suitable conditions.

2. feed storage: pens can be used to store feed and other necessary materials for animals, protecting them from moisture and damage.

4 Storage of tools and equipment: Homesteads can also be used to store tools and equipment necessary for daily farm work.

Why Does Belgian Agriculture Choose Animal Homesteads from

The Belgian livestock and agricultural sector is demanding, so choosing the right design solutions is crucial. Animal pens from Inamiot are distinguished by their quality, durability and ease of installation. This makes them an ideal choice for Belgian breeders and farmers who are looking for innovative solutions to ensure the welfare of their animals and improve their operations.

The first sale of an 8x8m animal enclosure from Inamiot to Belgium represents an important step in the development of Belgian agriculture and livestock farming, which will allow for even better animal protection and more efficient farm management.

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