Installation of an animal enclosure 6×6

With this blog article, I decided to introduce the sequence of steps in the assembly of the CT 2020 animal enclosure dimension 6x6m. This text, can be applied to all our products, because the design and installation system is very similar. All our solutions are halls, canopies, pens, assembled from steel pipe elements inserted one into the other and bolted together.

  1. Open the packing crate and read the installation instructions. Check that the box has all the items in the instructions. Group the elements of the structure it will make your work easier.
  2. Draw straight lines perpendicular to each other. They will mark the location of the tent. The terrain must be leveled.
  3. Lay out the mounting bases according to the instructions. Check the dimensions carefully. Check the diagonals. The diagonals should be equal, then a straight contour is maintained between the mounting bases.
  4. Nail the mounting bases to the ground with the supplied dowels. The pegs in the kit are ground pegs. If you are mounting on a different substrate, you will need to use different dowels.
  5. Assemble all the arches of the structure on the ground. Do not twist the screws tightly. Put the screw through and twist it slightly so that the bow can be lifted. We will tighten later. Remember to translate the screws so that the threads do not touch the tarp.
  6. Lift and insert the first 2 bows into the mounting bases. Twist the bows to the mounting bases. Twist the side crossbars, twist the roof purlins. Twist slightly. We will tighten later. . Remember to translate the screws so that the threads do not touch the tarp.
  7. Assemble the following components according to the instructions. If all is well, tighten the screws. . Remember to translate the screws so that the threads do not touch the tarp. Wrap the tape around the pipe joints so that it covers the places where the pipes connect.
  8. We install the tarp on a day with no wind.
  9. Leave the tarp in the sun for a few hours, then it will settle better on the structure. If you are installing at temperatures below 10 degrees you are targeting. Leave the tarp in a heated room for 48 hours. Tie the strings to the tarp every 2 m or so. Flip the strings over the structure. Pull the tarp over the structure by pulling the strings. If the tarp goes hard, lift it gently above the structure and pull it up piece by piece.
  10. Align the tarp on the tent structure.
  11. Attach the tension tubes of the tarp. These are tubes along the entire tarp. Tighten the tarp with the straps. Loosen the tension straps. Plandek should arrange itself.
  12. Start tying the tarp to the structure. Carefully stretch it along the structure. Tie the tarp to the structure every 3-4 meshes, then the tension is stronger. When stretching the tarp lengthwise, you can use tensioning straps. Start stretching along the structure from the top and go to the sides of the structure.
  13. Stretch the tarp with tensioning straps.
  14. Structure ready.
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