Storage hall 12×21 m for a farm in Sweden.

Another sale of our tent halls to Sweden. Our client, a farmer, erected our tent hall 12,2×21,3 m high 6,4 m on concrete blocks, thanks to such a solution you can store various loose materials and freely operate agricultural machinery. The concrete retaining wall allows the loader to reach the wall without worrying about damaging the tent tarp. The concrete block wall is a great base for our tent storage halls. It provides good attachment to the ground, and can be easily leveled.

The customer installed the storage tent hall himself. With detailed assembly instructions, videos on the YouTube channel and remote assistance through Whuzpp, you are able to assemble our storage halls yourself. For self-assembly, you need a couple of people 2-6, an aerial lift or telehandler, basic wrenches, a meter, a level, a drill, a screwdriver. The most important thing is to mark out the walls of the tent evenly, then assemble the arches. Assembly involves joining the finished parts and bolting them together. When the structure is standing, stretch the tarp and tie it to the structure of the tent hall. All materials (bolts, ropes, tension straps, ground anchors) needed for assembly are supplied with the tent. The entire installation takes from 2 to 6 days.

The storage hall has many uses it can be a hay/straw storage, a garage for tractors, mares, grain storage, fertilizers. It is also used in industry as a warehouse, production hall.

In areas with snowfall, customers install heating rods on the upper purlins of the tent hall. The heating rods are turned on when snowfall is predicted. The bars linearly heat the tarp and cause the snow to melt. Melting snow slides down the sides of the storage tent. Remember that the sides of the tent must be kept free of snow, as excess wind is let out by the loose parts of the tarp on the sides.

Please visit our catalog of storage halls, we have many sizes of storage tents.

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