Tent hall 12×24 m

Installation of a 12×24 tent hall in Bratislava for a pallet company

Companies in various industries often need additional space for storage, as well as for logistics operations. One of the most flexible and functional solutions in such cases is a tent hall. In this article, we take a look at the installation of a 12×24 tent hall in Bratislava, Slovakia, for a company specializing in pallet manufacturing.

A tent hall is a temporary structure that provides great flexibility and ease of adaptation to the changing needs of a business. There are many different types of tent halls, but for this company it was decided to go with a gabled roof hall, measuring 12×24 meters.

The first step in the installation of a tent hall is to choose a suitable place to put it. In the case of this company in Bratislava, an appropriate measurement was made and a site was selected that provided sufficient space to erect the hall. It is also important to make sure that the installation site is well prepared in terms of the evenness of the terrain and the absence of obstacles such as trees or buildings. When choosing a site, check the course of underground utilities such as water, gas and electric networks.

The next step is to start assembling the tent structure. The 12×24 meter tent hall consists of mounting feet, galvanized metal frame, roof purlins and PVC tarpaulin. Assembly of the frame usually involves connecting the various components using bolts and wire ropes. The design of the gabled roof ensures effective drainage of precipitation and minimizes the risk of snow on the surface of the tent.

Once the frame is assembled, the next step is to lay out the fabric covering the tent. In the case of this tent hall, durable and long-lasting 750 gsm PVC material is used. It is resistant to weathering. This material is stretched over the frame and properly fixed, while ensuring adequate tightness and protection from the outside.

Once the structure of the tent is complete, you can proceed to equip it with the appropriate elements. For a pallet company, it is important to ensure proper storage conditions. Storage racks can be installed in the tent hall.

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