Container shelters

Container shelters are great solutions if you need an economical roof, warehouse, working space, garage, storage. Made of high quality hot-dip galvanized steel, they are durable and resistant to weather conditions. The arched shape of the roof increases the strength of the roof, and the thick PVC roof covering is resistant to snow, wind and UV rays.
Container roofs are much more cost-effective than traditional tent halls.
Container canopies can be unfolded and moved to another place. Their versatility and handiness is a big advantage. They are a great choice when you need additional space to store cargo, machines, vehicles, tractors, fertilizers, feed, especially in bad weather.
The range of container sheds is characterized by a solid frame made of hot-dip galvanized steel, made of Q215 steel pipes and durable PVC fabric. Container shelters can be welded to transport containers or mounted with butterfly screws and fasteners, depending on the model chosen. We also offer container roofs equipped with a frame that allows installation to the ground.
Container roofs can be a closed space on each side equipped with an entrance gate and entrance doors. We are able to customize the product with different front and rear wall panels to your needs.
The offer includes a wide range of colors, doors, windows and ventilation.