Connected container canopies 8×24 m

We recently received an order for an 8x24m container canopy from What matters to our customers is not only functionality, but also efficiency and speed of implementation.
Therefore, we decided to offer combined container shelters. In this case, these were two 8 x 12 m containers (model C2640). This solution saves valuable floor space while creating a spacious area for working or storing goods. Convenient and practical – ideal for any businessman. In this case, connected container shelters serve as a base for excavators.

Why are connected container canopies so beneficial?

  • Space saving: The combination of containers allows the creation of a large open space without the need for additional supports.
  • Convenient space: 8m wide provides a comfortable environment for working or storing goods.
  • Quick installation: the container canopy is available off-the-shelf and can be installed within a week.

Container canopies are extremely robust and durable, providing reliable protection in a variety of conditions. Their sturdy construction is based on hot-dip galvanized steel, made of high-quality Q215 steel pipes and durable PVC fabric. The basic version has PVC with a thickness of 750 gsm, while the reinforced version is as thick as 900 gsm, which guarantees even greater strength and durability.

The installation of our container canopies is flexible and adapted to different needs. They can be assembled using welded mounting bases for shipping containers or with screws. In addition, our canopies can be placed on a variety of durable structures, such as concrete lego blocks, retaining shears or other solid substrates. This allows you to create practical storage facilities for bulk materials, sand, aggregates, feed, fertilizer, as well as places for sorting garbage or livestock pens.

An additional advantage of our canopies is that they can be adapted to different weather conditions throughout the year. With front and rear panels (walls), air and light flow can be easily adjusted, ensuring optimal conditions even in harsh weather conditions.

Container canopies is not only protection, but also functionality and versatility, tailored to the needs of each customer.

Each satisfied customer is motivation for us to continue working and improving our solutions. If you want to see the effects of our work, please visit our map of realizations and view photos of our container canopies.

If you too need a practical and fast solution for your business, contact us today. We would love to help you create the perfect container canopy to suit your needs!

Take a look at our full range of container canopies and visit our channel on YouTube.

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