Airplane hangars

Tented airplane hangars are the perfect economical solution for people who need shelter for their aircraft, helicopters, avionics and other equipment that requires shelter from rain, wind, UV rays. Our double truss frame aircraft hangars are a sturdy structure that will provide shelter for years to come. The double truss steel frame, which is made from Q215 steel tubing, and PVC-coated 750 g polyester fabric is specifically designed for use in heavy snow and wind. Thanks to the flexible tensioning system of the hall covering, the roof is kept taut at all times and has adjustable tension. Our solutions are year-round products. Our products are available for sale throughout Europe and beyond Aircraft hangars make optimal use of the available space and are the ideal solution for storing aircraft. Double trussed aircraft hangars are available in a variety of construction ranges, fabrics, shapes and sizes. All our products can be personalised to suit your own needs, e.g. windows, doors ventilation, colour of the covering.

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