Portable garages

Portable garages are a great solution when you are looking for additional storage space for your vehicles. Our portable garages are available in many colors and sizes, making them a practical solution for storing cars, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles, as well as boats. Portable carports are an excellent alternative to expensive permanent garages and allow you to maximize the available space. Our portable garages are of excellent quality and are 100% waterproof and UV resistant, making them an ideal storage option all year round.

The single truss carport frame, made of Q215 steel pipes, and durable PVC 750 g fabric are specially designed to protect your vehicle in unpredictable weather conditions.

Our portable garages make the best use of the available space and are the best shelter for cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, motorhomes, mini trucks and minibuses. Portable carports inamiot.pl are available in a variety of design ranges, fabrics, shapes and sizes. Carports are inamiot.pl inexpensive and extremely efficient!

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