Container shelter of 10×12 m shipping containers as a warehouse

A recycling company bought a shipping container canopy from us, model C3340 (width 10 length 12m height from the top of concrete blocks 3.60m). The container canopy will serve as a storage facility for processed parts at the point of demolition of used household appliances. The company demolishes old washing machines, stoves, vacuum cleaners and other used equipment. Such a box made of container roofing and concrete blocks serves as a warehouse that can be operated by a mini-loader or forklift. The loader operator, can calmly scoop the processed material into the bucket and does not have to worry about damaging the storage wall.

Goods under the roof are protected from UV radiation, rain, snow, wind. The recycling process uses a variety of machinery that cannot stand outside, which is why companies in the recycling industry choose our products and build them into low-cost, quick to assemble and disassemble warehouses.

Container canopy is an inexpensive and quick storage that can be easily assembled and moved to another location. Assembly of the product from the photos takes about 2 working days for 3 people and a loader.

With a simple but strong structure consisting of hot-dip galvanized pipes and a thick 750 g/sqm PVC tarp, the container canopy can withstand winds up to 80 km/h and snow up to 20 kg/sqm. The curved shape of the canopy causes the snow to slide off the container canopy’s tarp. This does not exempt the owner from removing snow in case of heavy snowfall. Freezing snow can stick to the structure and then this causes danger to the structure of the shipping container canopy. In areas where snowfall is intense, it is necessary to attach heating rods, it attaches to the purlins of the container roofing. Turn on the heating rods only when it is supposed to snow. The heating rod will raise the temperature for a while and melt the snow lingering on the PVC tarp.

The simple design of the container canopy, the included paper instructions in all European languages and the instructional video also in all European languages allow you to install this inexpensive storage unit yourself.

As you can see from the photos, container canopies are a versatile type of canopy that can be erected on various structures such as, shipping containers, concrete block walls, concrete retaining walls, stone gabion walls/posts, silo walls, settling walls, steel structures.

Take a look at our full range of container canopies.

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