Can I see ready-assembled products – roofing or tent halls.

Yes, of course. Ask for the nearest location. We have a demonstration tent hall on our premises in Dobrzykowice near Wroclaw. In addition, in the vicinity of Wroclaw we have friendly customers at whom you can see various models of canopies, tent halls, animal enclosures. In addition, we have projects throughout the country and Europe that we can boast of. We keep you informed about new realizations in the blog tab.

Does inamiot.pl sell spare parts and accessories?

Yes, just contact by phone or email kontakt@inamiot.pl

Do the products sold by inamiom.pl require periodic inspections or maintenance.

Yes, our products require periodic maintenance like all technical equipment. Primary responsibilities are:
Dismantling the tents before the hurricane,
Re-tensioning the roof tarp once or twice a year, etc.
For more information on maintenance, refer to the supplied manual.

Can I install inamiot.pl products such as roofing and storage halls myself?

Yes, our products are designed for self-assembly. The product comes with installation instructions. All the parts are well described and there is no problem with self-assembly of our container canopies and tent halls. Our customers have repeatedly admitted right after self-assembly that the installation of such a tent hall is very simple. On our website in the assembly tab there is a video showing the assembly of an example product from our offer. https://inamiot.pl/montaz/ Nevertheless, we also have a contact to assembly teams throughout the country and Europe.

After self-assembly, the customer is obliged to send us photos of the assembly on the basis of which he receives a guarantee for the product.

What machine can I unload the delivery with?

Depending on the product model, our packing crates are sizable, for example, 2.0×0.7×0.8m. For unloading the goods, we recommend using a forklift or a construction machine with forks that can lift about 1,500 kg.

How are delivery costs calculated?

Delivery costs vary widely and depend on the size of the goods and the number of boxes they are packed in.
We normally use shipping companies to ship our products. For a quote on delivery costs, contact kontakt@inamiot.pl

Can I pick up the goods myself?

Yes, you can come to our headquarters and pick up the goods with your transportation. The warehouse operates from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. You should notify your desire to pick up the goods by email 3 days before the scheduled arrival date. You are welcome! 55-002 Dobrzykowice ul. Kamieni 4

What is the average delivery time?

We have typical products in stock and are able to ship them within 48 hours. Non-standard, custom-made products are shipped according to the production schedule.

What currency do we accept payments in?

The company inamiot.pl sp. zoo. accepts payments in PLN, Dollar, Euro currencies. We operate in the European market.

Does inamiot.pl ship products outside of Poland?

Yes, we operate in the European market and have all the documents and experience to send our canopies, halls and animal pens to European markets. We have satisfied customers in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania.

Can the products and the tent be adapted to your needs?

Yes, of course. We can customize products to meet your needs. Customization can include color, door size, number of doors, ventilation, type of door and gate lifting, additional reinforcements. Contact us and we will describe in more detail what facilities we can offer in our tent halls, container canopies, animal pens, aircraft hangars.

Is it possible to order, for example, a tent hall with assembly?

Yes, we have subcontractors who assemble our products.

Can I lease products from inamiot.pl?

Yes, we work with leasing companies. We have our own lessor and work with other leasing companies providing all the documentation.

How does the gate mechanism work?

In our products: tent halls, storage halls, container canopies, halls for agriculture, the gate is constructed very simply and practically. The entrance gate is rolled upward with a manual or electric elevator. The gate is pulled up on steel cables. The entire gate is based on a steel frame. The steel frame is made of C-type steel profiles, which serve as a guide for the gate structure. In our products, the gate has horizontal metal guide elements inserted into the frame in the PVC pockets of the gate. With this solution, you conveniently roll our gates upwards, which fold into an accordion.

Why is it important to properly stretch the roof in storage tents?

  1. A properly stretched roof does not allow lowers to form in the roof tarp, so snow does not pile up on the roof. Lingering snow can cause damage to the roof or structure of container canopies, tent halls.
  2. A properly stretched roof during high winds does not hit the metal frame structure. If the tarp on the roof gets caught in vibrations from the wind – the impacts of the tarp against the frame, cause it to weaken in these areas and the roof tarp can be damaged.

Does the tent hall require a building permit?

According to current regulations, if you plan to use the tent hall for less than 180 days and it is not permanently attached to the ground. The erection of such a structure does not require a building permit, only a notification.

Notification. Notification of the desire to build a facility for a period of less than 180 days is done to the County Office or the City Hall of the county.

If we wish to use the facility for more than 180 days, we are obliged to apply for a building permit to the relevant County Office or City Hall in the county.

When I write here about a tent hall, I mean all facilities such as tent hall, container canopy, arch hall, animal enclosure larger than 35 sqm.

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